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Romantic Industrial

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Nick Alain, former co-owner and designer for Luna Bella, has a new lease on his proven aesthetic.

Nick Alain launched his namesake brand this summer at Las Vegas Market with 26 new products in the accessories, lighting and furniture categories, plus 40 classics from his former Luna Bella brand. His work is best described as mechanically elegant vintage design with a romantic-industrial flair.

“I’ve always been drawn to that mix of old and new and ‘mechanical-ism” in antiques. There are some steampunk elements in my work, but steampunk tends to be very dark and with a lot of mechanical detail – gears, cables, nuts and bolts. My designs, while mechanically precise, have a lighter, romantic flair with a bit of whimsy thrown in.  For example, I am creating some amazing lighting and clock mechanisms that have LED displays. So, the traditional antique look is there, but it’s juxtaposed with the modern look of LED display.

I am expanding into hospitality – restaurants, bars, clubs – in a big way, yet still innovating for the designers and stores I serve. These new developments are really exciting. When you decide to make a break and change things up your creativity. Right now, I’m experiencing a fabulous burst of creativity.

Life, like art, involves continually pushing forward and evolving. My time with Luna Bella was magical and inspiring, and I believe this next phase in my career will be equally enchanting and exhilarating.”{“page”:80,”issue_id”:275129}

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